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His Healing By Perfect Love Paperbacks

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When a crisis in the family occurs, Alexander Copeland finds himself returning to the one place he

has been running from his entire adult life ‒ back home to Canada. He hasn’t seen that place since he

was seventeen and he would rather be sailing in solitude on the high seas in London than on a plane ride

back to his guilty past. Fear grabs hold of him as guilt eats away at his heart. What will his family say

when he arrives after all these years? And what about the gorgeous Costa Rican brunette he fell for

while on vacation? What will she think of him now after his secret is finally spilt? He certainly had not

planned to find her in Canada!

Georgia Adams isn’t particularly thrilled about her trip to Canada. She isn’t keen on travelling to a

foreign country, especially alone, but her best friend Samantha thinks the three-month trip will do her

well. Who knows? Maybe God provided the opportunity. Leaving Costa Rica to work as a counsellor at

Camp Muskoka Oaks won’t be so bad, and maybe the kids and summer fun will help her get her mind off

Alexander Copeland ‒the man she’s hopelessly fallen for. Without any warning, he left her life just as

quickly as he came in, leaving her with nothing but a confused mind and a broken heart.

Georgia is ready to move on. So, what will she do when she finds Alexander at the same camp she’s

working at? He is the last person she expects to find there.

What is God doing in her life?

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