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Talulah's Pie

You never know what curve balls life will throw, and most of us have no idea how we might respond until it happens. Every action or reaction sends out ripples we can’t bring back, as Talulah’s words wisely describe. As a baker of the finest pies, Talulah has learned life’s lessons by hard knocks, fending for herself in New Orleans in the 1960s. Enter two freshman college students who one night were merely looking for dessert and, by chance, found so much more. They would find love, overwhelming pain, and unlikely friendships to last a lifetime. Talulah’s Pie embodies love as an inspirational novel of harmony among people, transcending race and background.

Eric Redmon

"I truly appreciate all that Ronteé is doing in Fiction Authors Connect and I'm happy to share Tulah's Pie with you! It's my favourite book which I co-authored with my lovely wife Felicia." -

From the USA